Rubber liner for Ball Mills. Inspections and installation

Maintenance, repair, and installation of wear-resistant rubber products for particular use in the ceramic industry.

Our technicians periodically will be inspecting your Ball Mill suggesting how to intervene to avoid downtime, unpredicted wear, and damages. 

We also able to modify or upgrade pre-existing grinding machinery and to install Certech's patent pending refiner.

Certech USA will be marketing Certech's Rubber Liner manufactured by RUBBERTECH,  a  business unit part of CERTECH GROUP network.

Certech USA is the only licensed firm entitled to provide Certech's product.

Vibro Sieves devices and Iron Removers 

Full stainless steel sieving devices for any screening process applied to your industry. 

We offer local and in-site support as well as spare parts and meshes. Our devices are being used for massive productions, such as:

  1. Ceramic Tile

  2. Pharmaceutical and Medical

  3. Agriculture and food

  4. Mining

  5. Sanitaryware

We also offer you 2 years of warranty certified by VIBROTECH.

Industrial General Maintenance and Spare parts

Manufacturing and Pump Refurbishing for sprayers, transfer pumps, pumps for filter presses and automatic moisture control atomized. 

Our technical service is specialized in general industrial maintenance, such as:

  • Electrical Troubleshooting

  • Glaze Mills relining

  • Repair and upgrading Spray Driers

  • Install vertical and horizontal driers 

  • Glazing lines Troubleshooting
  • Kilns technical service and support
  • PM 
  • Customized projects as per customers' requests.
For general inquiries

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Head Office

107 Hartmann Commerce Dr, Lebanon, TN, 37090


Innovation, research, upgrading services, and replacement old machinery and its worn out parts are our main strengths. With our support, the weakening due to time and obsolescence of the old technologies will never limit the efficiency of your equipment. 


Certech USA Inc. is committed to developing techniques that restrict the production of scrap paying significant attention to environmental sustainability. Our machinery upgrading services allow you to reuse your old devices. This will benefit your manufacturing expenses cutting down your industrial scrap.


Furthermore, we offer our customers a complete list of second-hand equipment completely refurbished and guaranteed. We promise the same quality and functionality as new machines. During our restoration process, our specialized staff takes everything apart, cleans, verifies and paints every single component before the final assembly.

Certech strongest point is the value of the time that does not weak but renews. Our expertise and experience will keep your machinery always like brand new.


Our qualified staff meets all requirements of the customer. For us, the value of people is essential, in our company we are like a big family.