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The range of products available from MISTRAL ITALIA SRL is completely comprehensive of chemical additives that is used in the ceramic process – from body grinding to the finished decorated product and further on to 3rd firing and glass decoration chemicals.

Most of our products are produced by automatic machinery that excludes all possibility of human error.
Despite this, every product lot is controlled by "Quality Control LAB" and a sample of each lot is kept for 1 year.


Quality control procedures:

  • Density

  • pH value

  • Rheometric viscosity

  • IVCF 4mm

  • FT –IR emissions measurement

  • Analysis Thermo-Gravimetric


Certech USA is the official Distributor for MGS MMS in the United States of America 

MGS Srl was founded in 2008 and it places immediately at the top in the production of instruments for chemicals, ceramics, and pharmaceuticals laboratories thanks to its highly reliable products and excellent after-sales service.

In 2013 the firm bought the name and the brand of M.M.S., the historical company of Nonantola ( Modena) leader in rapid mills for laboratories. Nowadays MGS Srl is following its production and improving its quality.

Specialized in the field of grinding of all types of materials, MGS Srl is now distinguished by the attention and flexibility in meeting and resolve the requests of each customer.

Thanks to exclusive partnerships with leading companies like Ceramic Instruments and Sassuolo Lab, MGS Srl is now able to satisfy all customer needs.

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