Magnetic and electromagnetic iron removal systems for powders. We design filters and systems that can manage every type of operation.
Discover the perfect solution for your company.

CEM 300-600-900-1200 PLUS

Completely in stainless steel AISI 304.
• Automatic cleaning
• Permanent magnets in neodymium.

DEMOTRON 500-600-800-1000

Electromagnetic iron remover plate for raw materials.
In the automatic version, an electropneumatic system
ejects the magnetic parts by activating the magnet only as the
products passes on the conveyor belt. This prevents the magnet from
overheating and maximizes efficiency

OVERBELT 600-800

Permanent iron remover magnet for raw materials.
Features an outfeed conveyor for continuously ejecting the captured
magnetic parts automatically.
Simple to install, it is positioned across the conveyor belt.

GM 1/300 - 13/600

Magnetic grid with neodymium bars,
small, modular and easy to clean manually.
Ideal for processing limited quantities of atomised
and granulated products and dry materials in general.

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