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POSITION TITLE: Specialized Ceramic Technician (Service Team Leader)

POSITION DUTIES:   Supervise assigned working squad and provide direction and instructions on performing a specific service to install Certech products as required by sales contracts. Responsible for providing timing estimates for work and for collaborating with customers organizing work plans and schedules or ball mill liner installation to set up material, meet with the Safety manager to get the permit, disassemble and install the liner.  Verify thickness and how the liner has been wearing out, including taking pictures and studying the effect of the grinding media and slurry on the rubber. Verify on how equipment was working in the past years following a PM schedule if established. Repair and rebuild mechanical equipment.  Provide practical training during the installation and theoretical training to teach parts and procedures.  Lead crew and assign different duties on specific projects.

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: 5 years of experience in the ceramic industry.  Experience to include related industrial equipment such as glazing line pumps and ceramic slip pumps; demonstrated ability to install liner in a ball mill; demonstrated ability to analyze wear of rubber, and ability to train and coordinate new employees and lead work teams for customers. 

LOCATION OF EMPLOYMENT:  107 Hartmann Commerce Dr., Lebanon, TN  37090



Marcello Cusma

Certech USA Inc., 107 Hartmann Commerce Drive, Lebanon, TN  37090

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